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Murrun Naroon Natural Burials

Murrun Naroon Natural Burials

A Natural Alternative, With Minimal Environmental Impact

Natural Burials give the ability to re-connect with the earth naturally and gently, leaving minimal impact on the surrounding native bushland while providing loved ones with a beautiful place to remember.

Located in the beautiful Bunurong Memorial Park, this area provides a sense of openness and connection with nature, returning our bodies to the earth to nourish new life within a distinctly native area.

Murrun Naroon Natural Burials

Identified and marked by trees, each burial position gives families the opportunity to be at one with nature while visiting. Recognition options within Murrun Naroon are consistent with maintaining the areas native integrity, using only natural materials that seamlessly blend with the surrounding bushland.

Environmental standards are followed, ensuring that natural burials are giving essential nutrients back to soils to promote life to the native Australian foliage and bushland environment. Organic and recyclable materials such as timber, shroud or wicker are carefully selected, to assist with preserving the enclosed natural ecosystem.

Return to mother nature within the visionary Bunurong Memorial Park

We understand that honouring and celebrating life means blending our past with our present as we move towards the future. Murrun Naroon is a perfect example of this, offering relevant and flexible burial alternatives to our communities.

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Bunurong Memorial Park
Enquire about Murrun Naroon Natural Burials

Enquire about Murrun Naroon Natural Burials

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