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The Celestial

Natural Burial Package

Reconnecting you with the earth - The Celestial is a unique natural burial package designed for those looking to return with little impact to the natural environment. It includes a Natural Burial Position, world-class catering and function room along with floral arrangements to suit individual tastes. Together The Celestial provides peace of mind, convenience and world-class facilities and services.

The Celestial includes:

- A Natural Position

- An SMCT Reflection Space/Chapel

- Fully Catered SMCT Function Space

- Flower Arrangements

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The Celestial

Package includes

Natural Burial

A unique burial option providing those looking for a natural alternative, with minimal environmental impact, to return to mother nature within the visionary Bunurong Memorial Park.

Discover Murrun Naroon
Natural Burial - The Celestial

Reflection Spaces

We are committed to providing funeral directors and our mutual client families with seamless services and state of the art chapels and reflection facilities. Located within Springvale Botanical Cemetery and Bunurong Memorial Park is a range of well-appointed reflection spaces catering to various seating capacities and individual needs.

Explore Our Reflection Spaces
Bunurong memorial Park - Reflection Spaces

Catered And Fully-Licensed Private Function Spaces

We believe that every function should reflect your personal choice. With
culturally inspired catering, thoughtfully designed rooms and your choice of our two premium locations (Springvale Botanical Cemetery or Bunurong Memorial Park)

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Catered and fully-licensed private function spaces - Bunurong Memorial Park

Flower Arrangements

Our team of dedicated florists can help you with selecting the perfect flower arrangement throughout the day's events. With an extensive range of beautiful fresh flowers that can be arranged to individual tastes and preferences. Our dedicated florist team are available to answer any questions or personal requests.

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Flower Arrangements - On-site Florist

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