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Life Gem™

The making of a family heirloom

Diamonds are often described as the ultimate gift of love, a timeless symbol of a precious personal bond.

Life Gem™ Diamonds make an individual memorial creating an everlasting connection between you and a special loved one.

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Life Gem™ Diamonds are real diamonds. What is different is the method. Life Gem™ technology replicates the million-year process of nature by innovatively extracting the carbon from cremated remains and then treating it in a specially-constructed heat press.

Just like a diamond forged by nature, Life Gem™ Diamonds are entirely individual. Just like a life, each one is unique in its beauty. You choose from red, blue, yellow, green or translucent stones up to one carat in weight and either round, princess or radiant cuts.

Life Gem™ stones are inspected, graded and identified by gemologists using the same certification process used by the world's finest jewellers. Such gems are a beautiful and timeless form of remembrance that remains with you always.

You may have a number of family members who would appreciate the connection of this very personal tribute to hand down to future generations. For this reason, multiple Life Gem™ diamonds can be created at the same time. For those wanting a more individual option, an inscribed message not visible to the naked eye can be included on the diamond.

The Walls of Reflection provide free for three months, a peaceful place to reflect while options are being considered.

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The Walls of Reflection provide free for three months, a peaceful place to reflect while options are being considered.

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At such a difficult time, often there is a lot to consider, and the process of organising a cremation memorial may seem complicated. We are a not-for-profit and purpose-driven organisation, committed to providing choice, flexibility and the most considered support services for you at your time of need. We offer a range of cremation packages that help simplify the steps required, giving you complete peace of mind.

Our customer care team can walk you through options available, to help you make the experience of honouring your loved one as meaningful as possible.

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